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Gcash top up what's going on???

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  • hasser

    I understand your frustration and confusion regarding the top-up process for the game you are playing. It can be disappointing when you follow the instructions and don't receive the expected outcome or any updates on the situation. It's unfortunate that you haven't received a response from the merchant or any updates through the website.

    In situations like this, it's important to remain patient and give the merchant some time to respond. Technical issues or delays can occur, and it's possible that they are currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries. However, it's understandable that as a dedicated fan and consumer, you expect timely communication and assistance.

    To address this issue, I would suggest trying the following steps:

    Double-check the instructions you followed on the website to ensure you haven't missed any crucial steps or requirements.

    Keep records of any transaction confirmations, receipts, or screenshots related to your top-up attempt. These can be useful if you need to provide evidence or reference in any future communication.

    Continue attempting to contact the merchant through the provided contact details. Try alternative methods such as email or any other available customer support channels if you haven't done so already.

    Consider reaching out to the game's official support or customer service team, if available, to report the issue and seek assistance. They may be able to provide guidance or escalate the matter on your behalf.

    Remember to maintain a polite and respectful tone in your communication, as it will help facilitate a more positive and effective response.

    Overall, technical issues and delays can occur in any system, but it's important for merchants to provide timely updates and support to their customers. Hopefully, by following these steps and remaining persistent, you will be able to resolve the issue and receive the assistance you need.‚Äč

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  • Slim1980
    started a topic Gcash top up what's going on???

    Gcash top up what's going on???

    I'm just a bit confused pertaining on how the TOP UP Process is being done. I\m quite new to this Server, however I have been playing this Game way back when it was still the Global days. In relation to this. I tried topping up thru the Website and followed the instructions, however, it has been hours now and I can't see, to have any answer to what happened . I haven't received my ecoins or ecash yet, and despite multiple attempts to contact the Merchant : Lorelie S. Reyes 09173012116 as well as sending queries thru the web site. I haven't received any update or any message at all. I mean I guess being an avid fan and consumer per say have at least the decency to reply or give an update as what is customed. I don't know if this just happened to lucky me or what to think of it? What are your thoughts? Please let me know.. Thanks.